5 Cool Tips From Moths


Here are some top tips* from moths who totally care about you and your well-being and are not trying to be spooky or weird. They promise.

1. Try eating a delicious slice of cardigan. It's a delicacy, and there's nothing better.

2. Take some time out to appreciate the light bulbs in your life. They give you so much light and you should be thankful for them. Just think about it. Also, wow, they're hot!

3. It's okay to get your wing flap stuck open once in a while. It happens to everyone, so don't worry about it. It's fine.

4. It's also okay if you just can't find the 'open' part of the window. Life is confusing, but you'll get there eventually.

5. Some people might call you creepy, or scary, or gross, or 'hideous flapping monster that is eating my best shirt', but it's usually just because they're intimidated by how cool and nice and great you are. Ignore it and carry on being you.

*The moths cannot be held accountable for any accidental injury, social ostracism, or international banishment that may occur as a result of following their advice. You should eat Lucy's jumper though, because it does look incredibly tasty.

Cats & Other Tales

Here are some pictures from a recent weekend which showcase some of the cats I know (all of whom love to harshly pass judgement on me at all times).

As the weather starts to warm up and the sky starts to get brighter, it's nice to see new flowers and leaves and algae, and the local population of mischievous wildlife, doing whatever things they're doing. Things feel light and fresh and nice, meanwhile the cats judge me evermore.

May their eyes continue to bore holes deep into my soul.

(I love them)

I'll Protect You

I really love painting with deep, muddy colours and purple toned reds, so here are a few small things I made recently.

I don't know when or why I started painting/drawing uplifting and encouraging messages so much, but I'm glad I do and I hope it comes off as genuine and supportive, because really I make them for myself (to spur myself on) and I find it really helpful. It might seem a little forced or overly cutesy to someone else, but these are kinda private thoughts that I have for myself. They're just little things I tell myself, and if they help me then I hope they might be able to help other people too. So please try your best, take care of yourself, and I'll do my best to protect you in this one small way.

Diary: I'm Not A Chicken

I've been trying to make sure I go for lots of walks lately. It's strange how hard it can be to drag yourself outside when all you want to do is eat a pile of toast and watch a video of a cat swatting a banana onto the floor, or whatever. It's important, though, and it always feels right once I get outside (and sometimes there are real cats outside that I can meet, although rarely do I see any stray bananas on my walks).

I've been making some gifs lately (mostly for my SHINee blog, aiwadreamer), and there is something uniquely satisfying about it. I guess there's lots of reasons why we enjoy the looping motion of a pleasant, oscillating image, but there is a certain calm to it sometimes. Making them feels a bit like putting something in my pocket. Putting a little piece of a video in my pocket. It's good.

I also tried painting some muddy coloured moths, which was nice. It felt a bit different since I don't often draw from references or real life these days. Most things are more based on whatever shapes are inside my head, but now it feels so relaxing sometimes to just sit and paint/draw something real with lots of shadows and textures and edges. I realised I like painting birds because of their combination of round, soft bodies and pointy beaks, and I'll have to paint moths a bit more to figure out the best parts of painting them.

I also went and got some new clothes, approximately five thousand years after deciding I wanted some new jumpers. H&M always has some things I really like, and I was not disappointed this time. I picked up two jumpers, a top, a pair of tights, and some cute hair scrunchies.

I also found a weird jumper with a sequinned chicken design, which, well, you have to see this one.

Amazing. I didn't buy it, but I had to try it on. For research purposes.

Me & Rilakkuma Having A Nice Time

Hi. Here's me and a Rilakkuma charm which is also supposed to be a sandwich. Sandwiches and cute bears? A good combo. I've been kinda missing shooting little mini room portraits or a bunch of candid shots at a time, so I had some fun just taking these pictures in a time lull.

I've missed taking outfit pictures too, but to be honest I fall away from doing them because it can be hard to get a nice pose and every clothing item well represented at the same time AND get my face to look like I'm not having a big think about the logistics of global politics/the co-existence of all beings/particularly complicated sandwiches. I think sometimes it's just nicer to get some partial outfit shots that are more about the setting, and the time, and the capture of a real little moment. Because after all, our clothes are simply a part of our lives. A kind of frame we dress ourselves in to do whatever it is we're doing.

I guess that's one reason why I love borrowed clothes, or hand-me-downs, or old clothes found ten years later - because it's nice to have a part of life with you like a memory or moment, or the smell of a friend or a nice place, or just nostalgia for 1998. Whatever an old or previously used piece of clothing carries with it. I like that just as much as how something looks or feels.

So here's my red skirt and blue cardigan, but in the context of this day with sandwich bear, and a little spherical chocolate, and a mint-coloured bunny drawing. A happy day of small things, and the red and blue primary colour combo that always reminds me of that one Rupert the Bear nightdress I've had for a long time. There's something childish and nice and bright about it.

Nice day, nice moment, nice colours.

5 Favourite Moomin Comic Strip Moments

Moomin has always been a huge inspiration and source of wonder to me, and after reading through a big book anthology of the comic strip, I thought it would be nice to pick out a few of my favourite moments to celebrate all that is magical and strange and delightful about Moomin and all his friends, family members, enemies, and lovely flowers.

Here are five of the best.

1. When Stinky ate Moomin's house.

2. When Moomin found love and wouldn't let it go.

3. When Snorkmaiden tried lipstick (and decided against it).

4. When Snorkmaiden and Little My got excited about pirates.

5. When Moomin thought about art.

Beautiful & Wild Things

Sometimes blogging gets too formulaic and predictable. A list of my favourite jumpers is all well and good, but what about the tiny things? What about the reason I'm here in the first place? Because it was all to record the tiniest of things. The feeling of excitement when you find a punnet of grapes reduced to 12p. This nice card with a painting of some flowers on it that my grandma sent me for my birthday. Remembering that one Smash Hits compilation CD I used to have, with an Aaron Carter song on it.

It's those things that keep all the secrets and the dusty memories. It's not the list of topics I can conjure up to write about, but the things hidden between words and kept under pillows. Making stuff, remembering stuff, loving stuff, and being stuff - it's all about everything the way it is. Buying a new pair of floral socks, or watching 2009 Eurovision entries for three hours with your hair half parted the wrong way. Those kinds of things.

Inspiration Journal ♡ Mood Boards

I currently still have a slightly excessive amount of notebooks waiting for me to use them, so I decided to turn one very small and cute notebook into a nice little place filled with some themed mood boards and inspiration collages. One of my favourite things about being online is the constant access to an incredible array of inspiring images and art pieces and photographs of things such as beautiful flowers, dogs, and old Tamagotchis, so it makes sense to make a home for all of those things offline too.

I think this will be a really useful resource for finding styles, colour palettes, aesthetics, or just drawing references and ideas. Curating some special things to look through can do a lot for your happiness and focus.

A page of cute dogs will be sure to cheer me up at any time.

These are just the initial pages, but I'm already very happy with these layouts and I feel inspired and calm. Pink sunsets and night skies and glowing lights are so nice.

I'm going to try collecting lots of cutesy stuff, fashion inspiration, scenic landscapes, nostalgic toy stuff, scientific illustrations, intimate flower arrangements, and who knows what else in here.

Magazine Collages: WANT/HOME

I found a roll of acetate lying around recently, so now I can do some cool paintings that are easy to layer to give collages a little bit of extra texture. It's really fun to paint on, so I'll probably be doing it a lot.

I kinda wanted to find some homely/comforting images to collages with this time. So some nice fruits, soft pinks, red stripes and gingham was what I found. I love reds and pinks and warm purples so much. And of course, raspberries are my passion.

Painting Over Old School Photos

I found these old school photos in a drawer, along with some acetate paper (why it was there is a mystery - there were also split pins, which I haven't used since middle school) and I thought I would try painting over them. I mostly just did some splodgy shapes, but I think it's pretty interesting to mess with a really old image like this.

Here's the original photo:

Diary: Toast & Tidying

Well, in the past week or so I've hardly been doing much except watching lots of SHINee concert videos and tidying/decluttering things. I've also been eating a lot of toast. For some reason I have a constant toast craving at the moment. I'm not going to question it.

I've been trying to make sure I go for long enough walks, because a lot of the time I forget to go outside or move my body more than three inches ever, so I gotta make myself do it regularly. It always feels good and is nice and calm, so there's no reason not to.

I also really like tidying and organising and I kinda want to do it all the time. If you need me to come round your house and organise/declutter stuff for you, I'm ready. I'll do it. Bonus points if you have cake waiting for me when I get there.

Children Are Weird: 3 Stories From Nursery

Here's some of my school report from nursery. It's good. I still act exactly like this.

Choose 3 observations which together show a fill picture of the child. You may attach original notes instead of completing the section below.

Observation 1 - January 1995

Lillian picks up the tea-pot + shouts "I've got the camera. I'm going to take a photo of you". She then picks up the iron + turns the knob around. She then picks up the doctor's bag, looks at me and says "this is a doctor's house". She then gets an instrument from the bag + puts it on my arm and squeezes it. I asked her if I'm better now and she says "yes". She then puts the thermometer in the doll's mouth + turns it. That "goes round to take the pictures" she says. "I've got a hammer to bang". She then bangs it on the wall + says "this makes a loud noise". She then picks up another instrument + holds it up to my eye. She then says "you're better now". She then puts the thermometer in her mouth + says "that makes the surfers go away in your mouth".

Observation 2 - 28th March 1995

Lillian looks around the room, picks up the hoover + runs it up and down the floor and tells me "hoover makes a noise". She watches me write and tells me "she is going to write a letter". She then goes to the Post Office and draws lots of letter B's on a piece of paper. She then puts the letter in an envelope, licks it and sticks it down and gives it to me. When I open it and ask her what it says she talks in her own made up language followed by "Bally, Cally, Milly" as she says this she points to each letter B.

Observation 3 - May 1995

Lillian sits at the table with Ashleigh, she tells me she has 3 plates. She then puts lots of plates on the table and asks me "what I think of that". She says she is going to cook 2 babies dinners. She pretends to cook and then washes up. She hands me a drink saying "it's pineapple fruit juice". She tells me she has cooked some dinner. She turns to Ashleigh + says "you're sitting on my chair". She gets cross + says "I don't want a chair now". She pulls a funny face.

Child's comment: "I want to be a mummy tortoise".

5 Things That Make Me Happy Right Now

Here's a list of some things that I'm appreciating a lot right now, just because I think it's good to note them, and it's handy to have these lists for future reference. Here are some things that always bring me sparks of joy, for whatever reason.

1. SHINee - A-Yo

This song is so encouraging and sweet. It's the kind of thing that I know will spur me on when I'm happy, and will comfort me and cheer me up when I'm not. It hits that perfect tone. I love it.

2. Clicker games

They're kind of mindless and endless, and they can definitely get tedious and addictive, but I really like clicker games for when I just can't get in the mood to play one particular, more-involved game, or when I just can't decide on one activity to stick with. It's nice to be able to do something quick and easy to occupy some time. Right now I'm enjoying Clicker Heroes and AdVenture Capitalist.

3. Keeping a casual notebook

Now, this may sound a really obvious one because I use notebooks and sketchbooks and diaries all the time, but here I specifically mean keeping a notebook for notes. Just whatever you need to write down. It feels good to have a place to memos, thoughts, reminders, and any random thing you think of. I like to know that I have a record of any random TV shows I've seen something about and want to watch at some point in the future, and I like to note down some language stuff so I can look back on a word later. Stuff like that. If I have a place to put ideas and plans, I'm more likely to come up with those ideas and plans more often. I also use sticky notes, but they're more temporary, so it's nice to have a notebook for more long term stuff.

4. Taking time and effort with food

I think it's way too easy to eat hurriedly and without much preparation a lot of the time, especially if you're like me and often very suddenly realise you're really hungry. I definitely notice it makes me feel really comfortable and calm when I make sure to pay more attention to when and what I'm eating, and really take the time to give myself food that I love and enjoy. Give food enough time and importance to be the best experience possible as often as you can.

5. Wholesome fun online

I like to go through some particular subreddits for some truly heart-warming content. Lots of pure and sweet jokes that always put a smile on my face. Favourites currently include: /r/sneks, /r/totallynotrobots, and /r/wholesomememes.


So those are my five happy things right now. Please tell me about all the things that make you feel similar warm, fuzzy feelings. Thank you! :o)

Pokémon Is Good (Still)

I have posted about the Pokémon Sun and Moon anime on this blog before, but I had to revisit the topic because there are just too many perfect visuals (see above doughnut image) and fun jokes throughout every episode. It's just too beautiful, and charming, and great in every way.

I love all the peripheral characters so much, and all the fun antics, and the willingness Satoshi (Ash) seems to have to do everyone's errands all the time.

He's always so excited, and it's inspiring and lovely. Thanks, you starry-eyed kid.

Also: pancakes. Episode 13 has a pancake focus, and it is the best.

Please look at these precious pancakes. They are central to the plot, and delivered by a strong, confident Raichu who is ready to take on the world (via pancakes).