When You Love Trolls

Here are some extremely good pictures (some of me, but mostly of my old cats from when they were kittens desperate to chew on all available cables). Above we can see me, back when I was a toddler and very happy to be with the big fluff dog. I still think German Shepherds are some of the coolest looking dogs around. Please allow me to now hug all of them. Bring them all to me for hugs.

Here are the cats and their lifelong best friend, a cardboard box. I think we can all appreciate the supportive and encouraging friendship of a cardboard box - a better friend than many humans, to be honest.

This is perhaps the most guilty image I have ever seen. He wants to EAT THE ENTIRE PLUG but he knows it is a dark sin to do so.

Sins are often best committed with a sister in tow to egg you on and then possibly steal the cable from you at an opportune moment. Electricity is delicious, everyone, do try it in your next salad!

Of course then, inevitably, you must FIGHT TO THE DEATH.

Back to me again - here I am with my purest love. My affections to this day are still reserved only for trolls.


  1. AHH, these photos are so adorable! The kittens, the German Shepherd - I love old pictures of pets

    1. Me too, me too. Anyone posts old pictures and I get super excited!


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