Outfit: Stripy Comfy

Let us all survey my impeccable posing skills, for I have decided to partake in the legendary 'outfit post' of old. Of course we all remember these from when blogs were invented back in 1462, but I am daring enough to bring them back in these modern times of pestilence and only wearing head to toe stickers of Liam Payne's face (as is the traditional English fashion).

This is the first time I've worn tights in a while, and it slightly backfired as I've found myself with a mysterious toe ache. Only in one foot, confusingly, but it feels like they're just too tight somehow. I have no idea what's going on, but it's not pleasant. I'm thinking of getting some new knee length and/or thigh length socks and throwing my tights into the hellfire (the best solution to most sartorial problems). I've been missing wearing tights, but I've also been missing wearing long socks. I endeavour to wear the longest socks on this Earth.

Aside from that, I was happy with this outfit. A very comfy and simple look, but I like the smartness of wearing black tights and chelsea boots (not pictured very well, but trust me, they are good). I also forever love the shape of a skater skirt, since obviously I yearn to be mildly triangular at all times. The stripy t-shirt is an old one I forgot I had for a while, but I love it because it has a slight weight to it and is a treasure from an old friend. Also, y'know, stripes are nice.

Please recommend your favourite lengthy socks to me.

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