Cool Idea: Animate Everything

It's time for some small animations. Here are some of me, just having a nice time making videos (I do recommend always making an appearance with a small lamb or other cute stuffed animal).

The truth is, making videos is just my elaborate way of making cute gifs. The gifs are the true outcome. Actually, that made me wonder - are there photo frames that display gifs? Is that a thing? I would like to display many cute cat gifs around my home, please. Perhaps a smiling dog gif above the kettle. I don't think there can be any home decor better!

I have been playing a bit of Animal Crossing (the original game) lately, so here are a couple of gifs I made from that. I named my town "Hell" because I am very original and thoughtful, you see.

There's something about this door closing animation that is somehow extremely #relatable.


  1. haha i love this sm, the gifs of you are super adorbs! It would be so cute but kind of annoying after a while to have framed gifs around... also how do you pronounce gif? Gif or Jif??

    1. You come into MY comment section and you suggest I might say "jif"? Quite frankly how dare you! jk but yeah I do say "gif". You're right, it would end up being a pretty bad idea in all likelihood. I would look like I'd tried to recreate the Hogwarts halls a bit though, so that could be quite fun. Maybe gifs of nice vegetables or something instead of myself though. Honestly I always think it's a little odd when people have pictures of themselves on their walls but I guess it can be cute! There are young pictures of me up from when I was a grumpy toddler.

    2. LMAO dw I say "gif" too! (Natural selection will come for those who say jif) and yeah hahaha I agree! x


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