Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV (It's Good & Has Dogs)

I don't know what I was expecting when I decided to watch Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV - a short companion anime series to the Final Fantasy XV game proper, and a series which gives us a bit of backstory on our princely boyband protagonists. I certainly did not expect an emotional time with dogs, but that is exactly what I got and I loved every minute of it.

The series consists of five episodes - an opener and closer which tell a neat little story arc amongst the boys as they travel, and three episodes which weave in some very nicely written and touching flashbacks detailing the development of each boy's respective relationship with the prince.

It's a really neatly structured little series and each character really gets a chance to shine. All of them feel very real and genuine, and by the end of the last episode I felt fond of all of them (but mostly Prompto, because wow, my feelings).

Also, Noctis' dad is really cool, and did I mention dogs? Because seriously, dogs.

Brotherhood is funny, silly, pretty, and emotionally compelling in all the right places, and right now I have a strange desire to start a campfire and bake some kind of dessert.

Conclusion: consider watching this series if you're a fan of dogs and/or food.

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