What's On My Phone?

It's time for a truly fascinating blog post now, one you're probably weeping at due to sheer excitement because it's just that incredible. That's right, it's time to look at my phone apps [gasps, extended applause, tearful shouting].

First of all, my background is a cute picture of Victor and his dog Maccachin from Yuri on Ice. That fluffy little dog makes me very happy, so it's nice to see him when I look at my phone. The first three apps up there are all for language practice. Anki is a brilliant flashcard programme which has lots of really good shared decks and great functionality for making your own. I currently use a Japanese Core 2000 deck, two decks for Korean sentences and vocabulary, and a deck I made myself for learning SHINee lyrics (currently just the Japanese ones).

The second app has one simple purpose, but I think I remember Hangul a bit better for writing it with my finger in this app. The third is Kanji Connect, an app where you have to build words with kanji. I thought I'd try a kanji app because I haven't really tried to learn any kanji for quite a while. It's pretty fun and I think making it like a connect-'em-up game helps kanji to stick in my mind. We'll see if I retain any of those kanji and words in the long term though.

Then I have the Play Books app because I like reading on my phone when I'm on the train, and you'll notice that my Instagram logo has been mysteriously replaced by the Android robot. I have no idea why.

This page shows all of my downloaded apps, so I'll just run through some of the ones that aren't on my home page. Twitter and Tumblr I don't use all that much on my phone, but it's useful to have them there to do quick things. The cache cleaner is really necessary since my phone seems to fill its memory up really quickly with cached stuff and it can be really annoying if you don't have a nice, easy cleaner app to free up space.

Buzz Widget I basically have just so that I can have a clean and simple clock on my home page. I wanted an alternative to the default one on my phone. Then Rewards is a super simple app where you can get Google Play credit for doing really short surveys. I pretty much use that credit to buy books to read on my phone.

And that's it! Maybe I should download some cat-based apps...


  1. you should download Neko Atsume Kitty Collector, it's great ;)

    1. I used to play that all the time but I uninstalled it after a while. Good game though. Tubbs is best boy.


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