My Top 10 Favourite Musical Songs

I love musicals so much. Just mention Patti LuPone and I will rapidly devolve into a quivering emotional mess stuttering "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" through tears of awe. So in light of that, I thought I'd collate some of my favourite musical songs here, for your judgement and perusal.

1. Little Shop of Horrors - Skid Row


I love Little Shop of Horrors. Not just because the concept of an alien talking plant who wants to eat people is the best, and not just because Rick Moranis is adorable in this role, but also because the songs are so evocative and fun and excellent. My favourite is this, the opener about the alienation of the poor, the vulnerable, and the labourers in Skid Row.

 2. Evita - Rainbow High

I mentioned Patti LuPone in my introduction because she is such an iconic musical figure, and hear performance in Evita was breathtaking. My favourite Evita song has to be this one - a gleeful, almost sinister song about fashion and power.

3. Bugsy Malone - Bad Guys

This is a silly but perfect song about the Bugsy Malone gangsters and how much they love being bad.

4. Spring Awakening - Mamma Who Bore Me

I actually haven't seen this musical, but some of the songs are incredible. This one really cuts straight to the bone for me and I love its tone of despair and confusion and anger. Lea Michele is amazing.

5. Rent - Seasons of Love

Rent is far from my favourite musical, but this song stands out for me. I think it's song is so well executed and bittersweet and smart - and it reminds me how many minutes are in a year, so that's useful.

6. A Very Potter Musical - Granger Danger

I had to include a song from one of the two incredible "Very Potter" musicals. The whole thing is so expertly crafted and tongue-in-cheek, but Granger Danger is a particular favourite because it's super catchy and shows off Malfoy's sensitive side really well alongside his petulance.

7. Hair - Aquarius

A powerful song with some good use of trumpets. I love how majestic this feels. It really is an intense and brilliant opener to a questionable musical.

8. Hamilton - You'll Be Back

This is the obligatory Hamilton song that I am of course contractually obliged to include in a post about musicals. This is easily my favourite Hamilton song just because it is so jolly and unhinged and darkly funny.

9. Shock Treatment - Shock Treatment

Shock Treatment is an oft-forgotten sort-of-but-not-really sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show (it's more of a parallel canon type of thing, featuring Brad and Janet doing something totally different). There's a lot of incredible songs about such subjects as: marriage problems sung to a Generation Game style list of household appliances, Richard O'Brien getting excited about making a dress, how good it is to be a man and do important man things, and this title song about... shock treatment. It's good.

10. Heathers: The Musical - Beautiful

Heathers is a really incredibly written musical, and this opening song conveys that very well indeed. Of course, I loved the original movie a lot, so I guess I'm predisposed to liking this, but I love the musical style, the jokes, and the overall tone. All of those things come out really well in this song, a fantastic introduction to the musical.

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