Internet Time Capsule


Once when I was but a small tadpole on the internet back in the mid-2000s, I took a screenshot of my Myspace profile so that I could look at it in ten years and harshly judge myself. I think I uploaded it to my DeviantArt profile (which is now no longer with us - rest in peace sweet DeviantArt profile). I thought it would be cool to look back on, but not long later I deleted it. I guess I was just clearing out stuff and thought I may as well, but I kinda wish it was still here to laugh at. I had a "caution tape" themed background. It was good.


In light of that memory, I thought I'd dump a bunch of screenshots of my various social media accounts (and this blog) here, so that in the future I can remember the glorious days of 2017 in all the mystical and nostalgic wonder I'm sure it will have by the time 2027 rolls around.


Or maybe one day the internet will be gone, and I'll have printed these out to pass around.
"I was on the internet once," I'll say.
"I visited a B*Witched fansite when I was ten or something."


Well, c'est la vie (that's a B*Witched joke, I'm sorry).

This blog.

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