Cool & Good Things

Here's a list of nice, pleasant, and positive things to think about, and a gif of me as a cat, because that's relevant... maybe.

  1. That thing cats do where they just leave their tongues poking out a little bit? That's a good thing.
  2. Soft and powdery pinks.
  3. Those extremely large scarves that are basically blankets for your neck.
  4. Tiny sparkly trinkets, gemstones, little bracelets.
  5. A hearty breakfast.
  6. Having a big teddy bear who respects you.
  7. Animation smears.
  8. Making cute mood boards.
  9. Scenery.
  10. Iridescent stuff like opals and beetle exoskeletons.
  11. Remembering playing weird games as a kid (I played one where everyone pretended to be cats - it was the best).
  12. Doodling on the back of an envelope.
  13. Irises and eye colours.
  14. Pulling a pull cord (I have a lamp with one and it's always fun).
  15. Cosy socks and jumpers, and possibly stealing (borrowing) a friend's item of clothing.
  16. Wildflowers and meadows and berries.
  17. Apple crumble and coffee cake (two excellent desserts that I love).
  18. Training all your PokΓ©mon to level 100.
  19. When plantlife grows over abandoned buildings.
  20. Getting happily lost in a local area and exploring.
  21. Prisms and rocks and rainbows.
  22. Cute mascot characters for Japanese prefectures, trains stations, etc.
  23. Finding a new song that amazes you.
  24. Mixing paint colours.
  25. Tadpoles.
Those were some things. I hope you liked them. Please tell me about more cool and/or good things. I must know about every cool and good thing.


  1. A good thing for me is this blog. It is creativity personified and let's me forget about everything in the world I don't like. You are a pure being


Thank you so much for your comments, especially if they include limericks about skeletons.