Pokémon Is Good (Still)

I have posted about the Pokémon Sun and Moon anime on this blog before, but I had to revisit the topic because there are just too many perfect visuals (see above doughnut image) and fun jokes throughout every episode. It's just too beautiful, and charming, and great in every way.

I love all the peripheral characters so much, and all the fun antics, and the willingness Satoshi (Ash) seems to have to do everyone's errands all the time.

He's always so excited, and it's inspiring and lovely. Thanks, you starry-eyed kid.

Also: pancakes. Episode 13 has a pancake focus, and it is the best.

Please look at these precious pancakes. They are central to the plot, and delivered by a strong, confident Raichu who is ready to take on the world (via pancakes).


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