Me & Rilakkuma Having A Nice Time

Hi. Here's me and a Rilakkuma charm which is also supposed to be a sandwich. Sandwiches and cute bears? A good combo. I've been kinda missing shooting little mini room portraits or a bunch of candid shots at a time, so I had some fun just taking these pictures in a time lull.

I've missed taking outfit pictures too, but to be honest I fall away from doing them because it can be hard to get a nice pose and every clothing item well represented at the same time AND get my face to look like I'm not having a big think about the logistics of global politics/the co-existence of all beings/particularly complicated sandwiches. I think sometimes it's just nicer to get some partial outfit shots that are more about the setting, and the time, and the capture of a real little moment. Because after all, our clothes are simply a part of our lives. A kind of frame we dress ourselves in to do whatever it is we're doing.

I guess that's one reason why I love borrowed clothes, or hand-me-downs, or old clothes found ten years later - because it's nice to have a part of life with you like a memory or moment, or the smell of a friend or a nice place, or just nostalgia for 1998. Whatever an old or previously used piece of clothing carries with it. I like that just as much as how something looks or feels.

So here's my red skirt and blue cardigan, but in the context of this day with sandwich bear, and a little spherical chocolate, and a mint-coloured bunny drawing. A happy day of small things, and the red and blue primary colour combo that always reminds me of that one Rupert the Bear nightdress I've had for a long time. There's something childish and nice and bright about it.

Nice day, nice moment, nice colours.

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