Inspiration Journal ♡ Mood Boards

I currently still have a slightly excessive amount of notebooks waiting for me to use them, so I decided to turn one very small and cute notebook into a nice little place filled with some themed mood boards and inspiration collages. One of my favourite things about being online is the constant access to an incredible array of inspiring images and art pieces and photographs of things such as beautiful flowers, dogs, and old Tamagotchis, so it makes sense to make a home for all of those things offline too.

I think this will be a really useful resource for finding styles, colour palettes, aesthetics, or just drawing references and ideas. Curating some special things to look through can do a lot for your happiness and focus.

A page of cute dogs will be sure to cheer me up at any time.

These are just the initial pages, but I'm already very happy with these layouts and I feel inspired and calm. Pink sunsets and night skies and glowing lights are so nice.

I'm going to try collecting lots of cutesy stuff, fashion inspiration, scenic landscapes, nostalgic toy stuff, scientific illustrations, intimate flower arrangements, and who knows what else in here.


  1. this is such a good idea for journals! I love it. My favourite is the pinky sunset and the dreamy night skies - such an aesthetic and they make me feel happy, sad and nostalgic all in one go.

    1. Yes! Sunsets and skies are uniquely magical, I definitely get that cocktail of lovely feelings from them.


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