Diary: Toast & Tidying

Well, in the past week or so I've hardly been doing much except watching lots of SHINee concert videos and tidying/decluttering things. I've also been eating a lot of toast. For some reason I have a constant toast craving at the moment. I'm not going to question it.

I've been trying to make sure I go for long enough walks, because a lot of the time I forget to go outside or move my body more than three inches ever, so I gotta make myself do it regularly. It always feels good and is nice and calm, so there's no reason not to.

I also really like tidying and organising and I kinda want to do it all the time. If you need me to come round your house and organise/declutter stuff for you, I'm ready. I'll do it. Bonus points if you have cake waiting for me when I get there.

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