Diary: I'm Not A Chicken

I've been trying to make sure I go for lots of walks lately. It's strange how hard it can be to drag yourself outside when all you want to do is eat a pile of toast and watch a video of a cat swatting a banana onto the floor, or whatever. It's important, though, and it always feels right once I get outside (and sometimes there are real cats outside that I can meet, although rarely do I see any stray bananas on my walks).

I've been making some gifs lately (mostly for my SHINee blog, aiwadreamer), and there is something uniquely satisfying about it. I guess there's lots of reasons why we enjoy the looping motion of a pleasant, oscillating image, but there is a certain calm to it sometimes. Making them feels a bit like putting something in my pocket. Putting a little piece of a video in my pocket. It's good.

I also tried painting some muddy coloured moths, which was nice. It felt a bit different since I don't often draw from references or real life these days. Most things are more based on whatever shapes are inside my head, but now it feels so relaxing sometimes to just sit and paint/draw something real with lots of shadows and textures and edges. I realised I like painting birds because of their combination of round, soft bodies and pointy beaks, and I'll have to paint moths a bit more to figure out the best parts of painting them.

I also went and got some new clothes, approximately five thousand years after deciding I wanted some new jumpers. H&M always has some things I really like, and I was not disappointed this time. I picked up two jumpers, a top, a pair of tights, and some cute hair scrunchies.

I also found a weird jumper with a sequinned chicken design, which, well, you have to see this one.

Amazing. I didn't buy it, but I had to try it on. For research purposes.

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