Diary: Cosy Paint Palettes & Books In Bed

I've been neglecting diary entries a bit lately, but I discovered it's really fun to write them around a paint palette, It adds a really nice focal point, and paint palettes always look great (and maybe a little bit mysterious).

I've been making plans about which books to read, and I've been reading a strange book called 'Ella Minnow Pea'. Someone mentioned it on Tumblr and I had to check it out because it sounded really interesting. It centres around a community of islanders who, for silly reasons, end up outlawing each letter of the alphabet one by one. It's written in the form of letters sent between characters, and unfortunately I felt like all the characters were exactly the same in terms of the way they spoke and it made the story feel quite flat for me. Like I said, a really fun concept with some nice little pieces of humour in it, and potentially worth a read for that alone, but ultimately I didn't think it was all that entertaining. More of an interesting experiment than a fun read.

I also read a survival book by Cody Lundin, which detailed lots of stuff like how to disinfect water. Pretty interesting. Currently I'm reading some of David Duchovny's fiction which is kinda weird and biting and funny, and just so Duchovny.

I like waking up and reading for a while from the comfort of my duvet, and it feels extra good in such a cold time of year. Cosy up with big blankets and two jumpers and a book. It's the best.

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