Children Are Weird: 3 Stories From Nursery

Here's some of my school report from nursery. It's good. I still act exactly like this.

Choose 3 observations which together show a fill picture of the child. You may attach original notes instead of completing the section below.

Observation 1 - January 1995

Lillian picks up the tea-pot + shouts "I've got the camera. I'm going to take a photo of you". She then picks up the iron + turns the knob around. She then picks up the doctor's bag, looks at me and says "this is a doctor's house". She then gets an instrument from the bag + puts it on my arm and squeezes it. I asked her if I'm better now and she says "yes". She then puts the thermometer in the doll's mouth + turns it. That "goes round to take the pictures" she says. "I've got a hammer to bang". She then bangs it on the wall + says "this makes a loud noise". She then picks up another instrument + holds it up to my eye. She then says "you're better now". She then puts the thermometer in her mouth + says "that makes the surfers go away in your mouth".

Observation 2 - 28th March 1995

Lillian looks around the room, picks up the hoover + runs it up and down the floor and tells me "hoover makes a noise". She watches me write and tells me "she is going to write a letter". She then goes to the Post Office and draws lots of letter B's on a piece of paper. She then puts the letter in an envelope, licks it and sticks it down and gives it to me. When I open it and ask her what it says she talks in her own made up language followed by "Bally, Cally, Milly" as she says this she points to each letter B.

Observation 3 - May 1995

Lillian sits at the table with Ashleigh, she tells me she has 3 plates. She then puts lots of plates on the table and asks me "what I think of that". She says she is going to cook 2 babies dinners. She pretends to cook and then washes up. She hands me a drink saying "it's pineapple fruit juice". She tells me she has cooked some dinner. She turns to Ashleigh + says "you're sitting on my chair". She gets cross + says "I don't want a chair now". She pulls a funny face.

Child's comment: "I want to be a mummy tortoise".

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