Bunnies, Why?

For some reason, in the past year or so, bunnies have become a major motif in my drawing and painting. They arrived swiftly and have stuck around ever since. There is something uniquely comforting about them, I think. They are so round and lumpy and simple. They are symbolic of every kind of feeling. They feel malleable and always represent the exact nuance in tone of whatever they say or think, somehow. I don't know.

I draw cats much of the time to be surly, or grumpy, or, well, catty. It's not that the cats I draw always stick to those forms of feeling and expression, but sometimes something just feels like it makes the most sense coming from a cat. When I draw dogs they are often there to be supportive, or carefree, or just very happy and excited. Bunnies feel more complex and I use them more for statements that might be said with some confusion, or malaise, or delight, or trepidation, or hope.

The bunnies somehow bring with them a sense of wonder. I love them.

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