Beautiful & Wild Things

Sometimes blogging gets too formulaic and predictable. A list of my favourite jumpers is all well and good, but what about the tiny things? What about the reason I'm here in the first place? Because it was all to record the tiniest of things. The feeling of excitement when you find a punnet of grapes reduced to 12p. This nice card with a painting of some flowers on it that my grandma sent me for my birthday. Remembering that one Smash Hits compilation CD I used to have, with an Aaron Carter song on it.

It's those things that keep all the secrets and the dusty memories. It's not the list of topics I can conjure up to write about, but the things hidden between words and kept under pillows. Making stuff, remembering stuff, loving stuff, and being stuff - it's all about everything the way it is. Buying a new pair of floral socks, or watching 2009 Eurovision entries for three hours with your hair half parted the wrong way. Those kinds of things.

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