5 Favourite Moomin Comic Strip Moments

Moomin has always been a huge inspiration and source of wonder to me, and after reading through a big book anthology of the comic strip, I thought it would be nice to pick out a few of my favourite moments to celebrate all that is magical and strange and delightful about Moomin and all his friends, family members, enemies, and lovely flowers.

Here are five of the best.

1. When Stinky ate Moomin's house.

2. When Moomin found love and wouldn't let it go.

3. When Snorkmaiden tried lipstick (and decided against it).

4. When Snorkmaiden and Little My got excited about pirates.

5. When Moomin thought about art.


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  2. I found this at random while searching that lipstick strip. I'm so glad to find people as fascinated for Moomin as I've been my whole life! Thank you :)


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