5 Cool Tips From Moths


Here are some top tips* from moths who totally care about you and your well-being and are not trying to be spooky or weird. They promise.

1. Try eating a delicious slice of cardigan. It's a delicacy, and there's nothing better.

2. Take some time out to appreciate the light bulbs in your life. They give you so much light and you should be thankful for them. Just think about it. Also, wow, they're hot!

3. It's okay to get your wing flap stuck open once in a while. It happens to everyone, so don't worry about it. It's fine.

4. It's also okay if you just can't find the 'open' part of the window. Life is confusing, but you'll get there eventually.

5. Some people might call you creepy, or scary, or gross, or 'hideous flapping monster that is eating my best shirt', but it's usually just because they're intimidated by how cool and nice and great you are. Ignore it and carry on being you.

*The moths cannot be held accountable for any accidental injury, social ostracism, or international banishment that may occur as a result of following their advice. You should eat Lucy's jumper though, because it does look incredibly tasty.

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