Why Bananya Is The Best Anime Ever

Forget all those edgy anime series about the anguish of the human condition and sinister extra terrestrial forces and so on, because I have found the best anime of all time, and it is about some cats who are also bananas or something.

After watching this anime, my soul has been cleansed of all its darkness. I am renewed. I am soft and fresh. Everything is shining and lovely. I have been saved by Bananya.

Bananya and his friends have many small adventures. Each has their own different personality and expertise in this world. Kuro Bananya wears a red bow tie and teaches us all to appreciate large amounts of wine. Neither cats nor bananas tend to drink wine in our vision of reality, but that's what Bananya does - it opens the mind to new ideas. It questions our staunch positions on what is truly real.

Bananya questions our rigidness in the face of identity. Why should a cat just be a cat, and a banana just a banana? Bananya himself has his own ultimate dream: to become a chocolate-covered Bananya. He lampoons our personal quests for succinct categorisation of our own identities through goals, personality descriptors, and career paths - whilst also sending us hope that we might one day aspire to and reach such a pure goal as to become a delicious chocolate-covered snack.

Bananya holds wisdom and calm inside its wacky exterior, and I for one will shortly be drinking a large glass of wine in recognition of Kuro Bananya, and then napping for a lengthy period inside my own spiritual banana skin.

Thank you for everything, Bananya.

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