Turbo Pug & Other Cheesy Casual Games I Love

For some reason I've become enamoured with lots of clicker games and simplistic mobile-esque games lately. It reminds me of when I had Super Bub on an Official PlayStation Magazine demo disc and would just play it repeatedly - endlessly and mindlessly connecting balls of liquid together in sequence in order to defeat a series of animals. It should have become an Olympic sport. I could've won gold in Super Bub.

Anyway, now I'm into games like these:

Turbo Pug, where you are a pug who is continually running. The Forrest Gump of the dog world, I can only assume.

Timberman, where you chop until you die as a lumberjack who is oblivious to any forestry safety protocols.

Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015, where you, uh, take showers with your dad. There's actually quite a lot of depth to this game in terms of gameplay and even dialogue in some sense, but I've still included it here because it sits along those same gimmicky, simplistic lines. Seriously though, it's a good game.

Clicker Heroes, where you click a lot, collect mercenaries, and desperately try to earn money via this process. Clicker games are an odd breed, but I enjoy having a little idle thing like this to do. I love to click.

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