Top 10 Cutest Steam Badges

I have long loved to adorn my various spots on the internet with all different kinds of cuteness and wonder, and Steam is no exception. I love perusing badge collections and finding my new favourite tiny and beautiful badge, alongside emoticons and weird fonts. So here's a selection of badges that I think are really cute and great.

It's Spring Again - level 1 badge: Happy

This badge reminds me of the sun as represented in the mythological bits of the 1978 Watership Down movie, which I love a lot. It also looks like a very (appropriately) happy sun, and I enjoy that. A nice sun.

Haunt The House: Terrortown - level 1 badge: Clown

This clown has a wonderful design. I love the hat and the big blue bow, and the slightly surly look on his face. It's rare to breach that strange area between grumpy and cute, but both of those things go together very well.

Resident Evil 6 - level 1 badge: Cuddly Cub

It's a Resident Evil badge and yet it is extremely adorable. Good.

Momodora III - level 5 badge: Dora

Every badge and emoticon and basically any piece of art remotely related to the Momodora series seems to have been conjured via pixie dust or something, because it is all so beautiful and lovely. I had to mention it, but really, every badge is so nice looking. Perfectly simple but so, so cute.

Love at First Sight - level 1 badge: eye/ひと目

This is cute in a slightly odd way, and that is also one of my favourite modes of cuteness. I love the creepy cute style, always.

Space Moth DX - foil badge: Like a Moth to a Flame

Okay, this is the best thing ever. It's a moth surrounded by stars and a menacing glow. It's so beautiful. You probably shouldn't look directly at it. This is from a cool game where you play as a moth from space who can shoot lasers. Everything about this is pretty great.

Trace Vector - level 5 badge: Master Pilot

A super adorable badge that imitates scout badges and military medals, as well as neon signs with the cool glow of the galaxy. Real nice.

Midvinter - level 1 badge: Snowflake

This is a cute enough snowflake that speaks for itself, but each Midvinter badge proclaims you a unique and 'special snowflake' in its own fun, snowflake-themed way. Magical and sarcastic. A winning combination.

Aurora Nights - foil badge: Universe

You might at this point notice that a lot of these badges are space-themed. Well, that's because space is amazing and cool. This is a nice representation of the universe, and I really like this red. It's a nice red.

Universe Sandbox - level 2 badge: Moon

Ending on another spacey badge, here's the moon. I like this one because it's very serenely pretty. You can't beat the moon and its gentle, glowing beauty.

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