Spooky Sunlight

Here's a rare series of scans touched by sunlight, a form of lighting I often forget exists. I guess I started making and enjoying scans because of their intense darkness, but I forget that I love the stark, bleached look of scans flooded with light too. They have that strange, clinical look to them, like all those brightly lit alien lab scenes in The X-Files.

If you do enough weird scanning to warp your hands like this, it is also reminiscent of Cube2: Hypercube, which all humans on Earth should watch immediately as per my recommendation.

Making these scans has become so routine that I do it automatically and without much thought most of the time, but it's good to be jolted out of that every so often by some variable that makes it feel fresh and strange and exciting again. Luckily, that keeps happening and somehow the nature of scanning itself remains full of endless possibilities and alterations, mostly involving making my hands look spooky.


  1. This creeps me out, good thing I came across this post in the day time, haha.

    1. I'm glad you survived the horror, but just, uh, you might want to avoid ever using a scanner again, because a scanner spirit might be following you at all times after reading this post. Sorry.


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