Pin Curls & Postcard Paintings

Here I am in a sunny winter moment. I pin curled my hair two nights before taking these photos and I'm a little astounded at how long curls last now. Everything feels so new and different after a haircut somehow, and I always notice little things about it so much for a while, like someone emerging from a thousand year chrysalis. If you ever dye your hair a really bright colour, you'll keep noticing it in your peripheral vision for a while, and it feels magical in that transition period before you get used to it being around. There's something really nice about transition periods like that. There's that unavoidable excitement. A little bounce to your life that wasn't there before.

I think now that I've experimented a lot with different hair lengths I just feel much more at ease with the concept of myself as a visually changeable person. They say our brains often largely recognise someone by their hair, and this sense of importance is definitely bestowed unto our hair to a ridiculous degree, but I'm pretty sure not much would change if all my hair fell out. I would just have a colder scalp.

I'm really happy that I get to enjoy my hair in all of its changing forms, and whenever it's doing weird stuff without my permission or comprehension like some wild, possessed thing. I love it.

I also love holding tiny paintings, it seems.

I want to make lots of postcard sized or smaller paintings. They're very fun, and pleasantly little.

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