New Pens & Doodles

I got some new felt tips. Some cheap ones in a flimsy box. Their lids pop off constantly, like they're having little pen tantrums, but they're decent enough when it comes to actually drawing with them. Lord knows I love cheap art supplies.

So I've pretty much been aimlessly doodling a lot, to test them out as well as to take a break from more purposeful drawing. Because often whilst I'm drawing I'm thinking of where the drawing will end up, and I have some idea of it having a particular purpose or place, but with these I just thought it would be nice to doodle.

Pure doodling is aimless and fun and of little consequence. I don't tend to refer to drawings as doodles unless I am doing them in that particular frame of mind. The frame of mind where I'm just playing, and there's nothing else. And I'm usually not quite doing that, although I like to be relatively close to it.

Anyway, there's lots of good colours in here, and I like them, and they're fun.

Despite those petulant lids.


  1. A+ drawings! I especially like the lines of scribbles- so simple yet so lovely.

  2. cool drawings, really beautiful!

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    Alessa Bernal


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