H&M Winter Wishlist

I thought I'd make a little H&M wishlist because it's always the shop I go into first to check out things when I want something new, and I've been thinking a lot lately about getting some new, nice-fitting basic t-shirts in neutral colours, and some cosy new jumpers (because I need all the warm and fuzzy layers I can possibly get. I've also been thinking that I should wear more button-ups, so I'm looking for some comfy and semi-smart looking shirts too.

Here are some favourite things.

1. Ribbed jumper - £14.99 £7.99

This looks well-fitting, and I love the detailing, the funnel neck, and the creamy colour. I really like pieces like this which are super simple but look cosy, comfortable, yet still nice and smart.

2. Flannel shirt - £14.99

I love the design on this shirt. It's such a nice, simple approach to flannel and it looks so cute, but smart at the same time. I'm seeing a lot of flannel shirts on the high street at the moment, but I especially like this understated approach.

3. Three-strand necklace - £6.99

I've included this little necklace because I've been noticing quite a lot of jewellery lately that is just my style - very dainty and minimal and cute. I like the different strands coming together here to make a more complex, yet still delicate design.

4. Knitted jumper - £12.99

This jumper looks nice and comfy and homely for lounging purposes. I've always liked that "laughing woman on a beach in comfy, slouchy jumper" catalogue look that I always refer to as the La Redoute aesthetic, because my mum always used to get their catalogues and I noticed that kind of thing being omnipresent there. This reminds me of that whole thing, and I love it. I guess they have somewhat successfully marketed an image of domestic bliss via casual, simple jumpers in neutral tones to me. Anyway, it looks cosy, and I like the curling hemline going on.

5. Viscose shirt - £12.99

Lastly, I found this sweet and understated shirt in a pink so light and muted that it effectively works as a neutral. I really want to get some nice, comfortable shirts for that slight suggestion of maturity - because I'm a proper adult human who can button up a shirt and fill in a spreadsheet.

In conclusion: shirts are good. Thank you for your time.

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