Diary: New Things (Nice Things)

So the year is underway, and I've been raising PokΓ©mon and window shopping for jumpers and boots, as well as getting into the new feeling I have with this diary. I'm using a blank sketchbook instead of a made-for-purpose diary this time round, and I'm excited to have it feel a little bit fresh after having used a proper diary for all of 2016.

I notice at the start of a new year all the things I fill my life with. I find new games and TV shows and books constantly and I get excited to find something new in those little worlds of media and stories. I've gotten into a nice routine and set of systems in the past year that have me endlessly discovering and enjoying things. I also find it easier to enjoy smaller things within the narratives I discover that I don't necessarily wholly love. I feel like I've become more appreciative of creative things and stories and entertainment on the whole, because I've become better at picking out the best in something.

This is probably helped by limiting my exposure to things that I don't like. It's really easy to become over-saturated with argumentative loops and political wells of awfulness and self-perpetuating misery and negative stuff online, or just stuff that isn't that interesting or worth spending time on. I've definitely noticed myself growing in ability to notice when something I'm reading/seeing/doing is starting to affect me negatively, and I'm much swifter in moving away from those kinds of things now and instead gravitating towards something that I can find inspiration and encouragement in. Even if that something is often just a good sandwich.

I'm happy and hopeful about carrying on reading new books that I like, and doing colourful things, and watching every Jason Statham movie - or something. I am prepared for many adventures, and for using many felt tips of different colours.


  1. These are nice diary entries Lil. It's cool that you can write your own dates and stuff instead of it already being there. What did you mean exactly when you said you don't know what innocence is until it's gone?

    1. Thank you! Yeah, it just feels a little more free and nice. I guess I've been thinking about adulthood a lot lately and the whole concept of innocence kinda rests on the fact that you are oblivious to how innocent and naive you are as a child until the point at which you're not any more. I kinda miss being that way, but at the same time I suppose when you grow past your innocence it gives you (potentially, at least) more control and power over your own life.

    2. Oh, okay. Yeah I miss being a child and not being aware of bad stuff. I hate being aware that I'm an adult and realizing my problems... :-/


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