Diary: Christmas 2016

So that's it! Christmas happened, and 2016 is a short breath away from being behind us forever. What have we learned? Well, mostly that I love The Body Shop's 'frosted berries' scent and will be found with my nose buried in a tub of body butter at all times for at least the next month.

I'm always glad to move on to the next diary, since by now this one is all bulky and heavy and a little bit challenging to scan, but it's not quite time yet. Soon. I've been watching a lot of TV lately (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is my favourite) and I've been getting into another video game phase, particularly with Don't Starve and Cook, Serve, Delicious. Both excellent games.

I've been painting some birds and curling my hair, and being very happy with both of those things. It's satisfying to paint a bird shape, for some reason. I won't question that.

Of course, around Christmas time, I was pretty sleepy as can only be expected. It was a nice, relaxing Christmas and I ate a lot of mashed potato and got lots of nice bath stuff that smells the best. I got some shimmer mist too, which is a glittery spray of some kind. I'm not sure why it exists, but I've decided I love it, and I'm ready to be glittering for the rest of my days.

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