Animal Crossing Journal #29: The Cat Returns (To My House)

I hadn't visited my town in a while, so I thought I'd better go back and do some weeding after all this time. I was happy to discover a certain nosy cat was desperate to see the state of my home. The first thing I discovered is that dear, sweet, muscly dog Mac has moved away. He had been there since the beginning, but I guess everyone has to go out into the world, even the most muscly of dogs can't stay forever. I'll miss him and his constant taunts about my lack of exercise.

The second thing I noticed around town is that there are definitely a lot of weeds. They're lucky I love pulling them up. I blitzed through those weeds in no time!

Halfway through my weeding session, I fell into a trap. I guess I deserved this one.

I met up with Kitty and she followed me around for a while as I got to grips with the state of the place. Luckily, the flowers grow well in the snow, so they're still around.

Kitty was probably disappointed, since my house hasn't really changed recently, but it was nice to see her and everyone else. The town never needs much maintenance any more, but that makes it even more calming to walk around in, with all the flowers everywhere.

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