Ultimate List Of Comforting Things ☆

I find it really helpful to keep a list like this of all sorts of things that can cheer me up and comfort me and make me happy in different ways, so that whenever I feel a bit down I can go through it and try them and be reminded of all the things I like the most. So here is a big list of all the best things that make me happy. I strongly advise keeping your own list of comforting things like this for whenever you might need it. It helps at least to distract yourself with endless possibilities and to remind yourself of why you won't always feel sad or negative.

  • the most soft and huggable cuddly toys, blankets, or warm jumpers
  • familiar and nice smells - perfume, herbal tea, lavender, a really good soup
  • colour and paint, or painting and making collages roughly and rapidly
  • trinkets, memories, tiny jewellery and keepsakes
  • being comfy, clean, and tidy, or rearranging some things
  • wholesome memes, cute animal pictures, cute jokes in general
  • taking pictures or doing something that makes the preset moment special somehow
  • my scrapbook - looking through it and adding things
  • the moon and it's serene glow, the sky and all its clouds and colours, or anything gentle and natural
  • making or completing lists - lists of things to be grateful for or tasks to complete
  • playlists or music that always me happy, like SHINee
  • making mood boards or collecting inspiration, making plans
  • finding a new TV show or movie to watch
  • putting a big coat or borrowed cardigan on indoors, or to take a walk
  • taking a hot bath
  • eating lots of tasty vegetables, mealy leftovers, or some chocolate
  • sleeping (sometimes a midday nap is the best thing)
  • learning something, watching something, or writing something

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