Topshop Wishlist: Winter Things & Cute Dresses

I've been wanting to get some new cold weather clothing (particularly a nice new jumper or two) for a little while now, and I will probably head out to pick up some stuff post-Christmas so that I can survive January better, but I thought I'd browse Topshop's website for a little inspiration, and here's what I found. Some items are a little less winter relevant, but, well, it's all fun.

1. MOTO Embroidered Borg Jacket (£85)

I'm kinda, maybe, possibly interested in getting a smaller, lighter jacket for those middling temperatures, although in reality there's rarely a good opportunity for me to wear these, so maybe not, but I liked this cosy looking denim jacket with a fleecy lining and cute floral embroidered detail.

2. PETITE Embroidered Panda Sweatshirt by Tee & Cake (£35)

I saw this and thought it was the cutest thing. It's nice to have a sweet little design on your jumper to cheer you up a bit when your nose is turning into an icicle.

3. Knot Front Dress (£24)

Now, I know this dress is not very appropriate for cold weather, but I've been admiring simple spaghetti strap dresses like this for a while. They're so easy to throw on and they look adorable. The knot detail on this one makes it look a little bit more interesting whilst still being quite cute and easy.

4. Floral Velvet Flippy Dress (£42)

I love this dress because it just about sits on that line between smart and casual. It's also the perfect kind of dress shape that I like, and the floral pattern is nice without being too busy. It's the kind of all-weather dress that I can wear at every time of year and pair with almost anything.

5. Low Back Velvet Skater Dress (£22)

Again, this dress has the perfect shape to it for me, and I also really like a low back on a dress. I like the texture of the velvet with this colour and I'd quite like to get something in this pink because it's such a nice and soft colour, yet almost a neutral (and I love neutrals a lot).


So those are a few favourites from my current browsing session. Clearly I enjoy flowers and pandas. Truly two of the most beautiful things in the world.

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