The Most Terrifying Game Of All

I recently bought creepy point and click game Dance of Death for less than a pound because I thought it seemed like a game with a unique style and atmosphere, and I was not disappointed. Firstly, there are skeletons playing instruments, and that is one of my main interests. Secondly, the puzzles are really fun. The whole game has this Victorian style to it and it features lots of drawers and boxes full of strange items. Worn out photographs, pocket watches, strange dolls with flickering eyes - that sort of thing.

It feels like walking through a lot of people's attics, only with a violin-playing skeleton by your side to help you out if you get stuck somewhere. There are some jump scares, but to me they're more spooky and stylised than scary. The game builds a compelling, creepy atmosphere, but it's not really frightening.

One thing that I also think Dance of Death does really well is the sense of gameplay it has, Through its puzzles and item-collecting riddles it makes me feel like I am doing a lot of things, picking up a lot of items, and discovering a lot of clues. Hopefully I can get to the bottom of the story soon.

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