Long Hair ☆ Short Hair

I posted just four days ago about how I love having long hair partly because it has some symbolism for me that I sort of use to encourage myself, and now I'm going to write a post about how I keep thinking about how cute short hair is, and about how I'd also really like to cut my hair short again right now, and ultimately about how I have a lot of conflicting thoughts and ideas in my head all the time.

So I've been missing short hair for a while, mostly because it's just inevitable for me to do so after having long hair for a while, but also in large part because my hair is at the point where it gets immensely tangled very quickly. Sometimes it makes me feel like I'm wearing a big rug on my head. I notice suddenly that I feel too hot and I scramble to scoop up all of my hair to give my neck and face some breathing space. I can't put my hair in a bun for too long because if I do it will get straight up matted and will be a pain to brush back to normal. And it's fine, I can deal with all of these things. Any hair requires some kind of maintenance, and long hair has it's advantages too, but I remember all the advantages of shorter hair, and I see cute pictures of short-haired people, and I get that dreamy look in my eyes as I look upon sepia-toned memories of lovely short hair of times gone by.

To go back to symbolism - hair cuts are of course often symbolic for us. Lots of people cut or otherwise change their hair to mark a change or a transition into something new. It can be like becoming a new person. As much as I am fond of my long hair right now as a symbol of different kinds of growth, I'd probably love cutting my hair just as much as a symbol of reinvention and freshness. And there are so many things like this, where I have strong positive feelings towards two conflicting options. It's kind of brilliant though, because it means there is so much opportunity. It means if you focus on certain aspects of a decision and its outcomes then something great can be happening no matter what.

Uncertainty, changeability, and confusion can be useful. Like a personal toolbox you're equipped with that can let you do anything. So I guess, make the best of all your decisions and everything you change your mind about. Meanwhile, maybe I'll cut my hair really short on one side and keep it long on the other in order to represent a perpetual indecisiveness.


  1. You look so happy and cute in the second picture♡
    You're beautiful Lil!


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