Journal: Night Sky

I've been doing quite a bit of slightly watery painting lately, so these journal pages have that slightly dreamy painted look, and I wrote a bit about stars and skies (because I love both of those things a lot).

So many of my paint splodgy pages end up looking like the sky somehow. Just nice mixes of colours and opacity. I love paint and I love the sky, but it's funny how they can be similar. It's nice.

You can see my printer ink is running low from the Onew pictures I collaged above (because I just love SHINee a lot, okay), but I like how it limits the palette to all these blues and oranges. I love printing an imperfect image, something flawed and imbalanced. It makes that iteration of the image unique. I don't know, it makes pictures seem special to me.

Once again, I love colours and the way paint moves and blends like a cloud. Also there's a bunny.

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