Journal: Dog!

Here are some scribbly and inconsequential journal pages. Lately I'm trying be sweeping and free and doodly a lot just so that I use more pages and flow from drawing to drawing a bit more and get that feeling again like I'm a little kid colouring outside the lines and not caring. And I found that one of my journals had sort of strange paper - it's nice and thick and grainy for painting on, but I can't stick anything to it with glue. I'm thankful for the existence of tape so I can stick things down that way (because I need collage to live). Limitations are good for creativity, though, even if that contradicts my previous promotion of wide open fields of creative freedom. But that's partially what prompted me to try for the mud pie scribbling approach.

I'm writing little notes to myself a bit more too. Little spells and nonsense letters, because I like to give my journal some secret half-stories. A tiny history nestled inside the chaos.


  1. These drawings are unbelievably cute! Lol, this is so weird but when i was younger, drawings used to make me want to cry, even if they were really cute and happy and im pretty sure the kevin one and the 'please play with me' would have been on that list. Adorable!

    1. Awwww that made me have a feeling :')


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