Journal: D W A Y N E

I've gotten some good journaling done. A good record of all the most important images from the forefront of my mind (culminating in the unmatched Dwayne Johnson collage below, which came after making some pin drawings - I've included a video of this process at the tail end of this post).

It's been really nice reflecting on transient thoughts with a bit more freedom, and I guess I forgot how much doing so can encourage me to be a more joyful and grateful person, so I'm really thankful for that. It's funny, I wonder if there are a lot of moments I forget about because I don't write about them. Maybe I collect memories inefficiently. Who knows.

I read somewhere recently that historians need people to write about mundane things, because sometimes no one writes about those things and then they get lost in history, and I like that. Every little thing can be so important and meaningful and relevant in unpredictable ways. Everything about our lives is worth something. Most especially all these Dwaynes:


  1. Let's be real: that Dwayne Johnson pin drawings are everything. I loved seeing that process :D

    I used to journal obsessively, writing all of my thoughts and feelings down and now I don't do that anymore. I think it's why I started blogging, though. It's a different way for me to keep track of certain activities in my life. One day I can hopefully look back and be like, oh yeah! I was mostly happy! Or whatever. My journals from middle/high school are mostly sad, though. LOL. I wonder if I should keep a journal of just little thoughts/feelings again. WHO KNOWS. A secret tumblr perhaps? ANYWAY THIS IS RAMBLING. Thanks for sharing your art, it's lovely + yr creativity is inspiring. :)

    / Maria

    1. Yeah, blogging (and actually, posting stuff on Myspace first of all) totally created that kind of journal space for me, and it's such a cool hub of my thoughts from particular times. I avoid journaling when I'm sad for the most part because I don't really want to look back on that kind of stuff, but sometimes you gotta vent. I usually try to do that in a more abstract way, though, which can be really cathartic and good for making me feel better. Glad you liked the Dwaynes!


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