Inspiration: 5 Things ☆

I've been thinking a lot lately about all the things that inspire me and make me excited to be alive and to have eyes and hands and legs that can all do things, so here is a selection of some cool things.

1. Pictures of people at art museums

Picture by dittokiddo.
I love art museums, but I think so often that I love seeing people looking at the pieces even more than I love the pieces themselves. And y'know, people don't realise how cute the back of their heads can be. People and paintings should be together. They make each other better.

2. These cool & weird drawings by HOLOGRAM CEILING


I love all kinds of strange and wonderful art, and I love the gently creepy style of these. What is happening? I don't know, but it's great. Plant Pot With Legs is the name of my next single.

3. This frog

Picture via This Isn't Happiness.

He only wants to listen to snusic (snail music) and I respect that.

4. Beautiful SHINee fan art

Drawing by faheej.

Please look at this beautiful and amazing drawing of my favourite Korean boy band. I love its soft colours and the style is so perfect. It's so calming and pleasant. Something about the way everyone's faces is captured just makes me smile.

5. Starry faces

Picture by hyun.lip.

After seeing this picture I'd really like to make some new constellations just for my face.

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