How To Love Your Ugly Teeth

It's pretty normal to dislike something about yourself, right? It's also pretty normal to focus on one particular thing about the way you look and worry about it, unfortunately, but that's why I'm writing this post for everyone with crooked teeth, yellow teeth, damaged teeth, or any kind of teeth that cause worry or sadness. Here's why you should be able to appreciate and love your teeth, despite all of the things that big you about them.

These are my teeth:

I worry that they look incredibly unhealthy and weird, mostly because of that one guy who sticks out in my upper teeth and casts a shadow over the others. I worry that dirt and bacteria is being ruthlessly trapped between my most crooked teeth and that they're going to like, actually end up falling out or something, which is wholly ridiculous. I know I'm ridiculous. We are all ridiculous. This is how ridiculous we are when we are nitpicking about ourselves.

Now I want to talk about the teeth of some people I admire (that's a weird sentence).

This is Susanne SundfΓΈr. She is one of my favourite musical artists. She writes incredible melodies that shift into each other like a series of ominous and chaotic waves (the above screenshot is taken from this video, by the way, which I strongly recommend watching). She also has crooked teeth, and I think they are so cool. I love them, because I think they're a part of her beauty. I think they have character and are perfect the way they are.

This is Bunny, a.k.a. grav3yardgirl from YouTube. She is one of the kindest, nicest, funniest, and cutest people on YouTube, in my opinion, and she made a video all about her teeth, which I found to be the most uplifting and smart and lovely thing to watch if you're feeling sensitive about your teeth.

There's also this encouraging tweet by dear sweet pop music puppy dog Louisa Allen a.k.a. Foxes:

So if you can't shell out for expensive dental work or are just tired of feeling bad about your teeth, please know it's not everything. You can appreciate the things your teeth do for you regardless and realise that having 'ugly' teeth doesn't matter. They're still teeth, right? Just keep telling yourself they're good and okay, they're yours and no-one else's. You can't necessarily tell yourself you have beautiful teeth, but you can tell yourself that having ugly teeth doesn't matter. And you know what? It really doesn't have to matter. Good luck!

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