Home (In The Sky)

Here's a post about homes and what and where they are, a subject I love to think about all the time, when I'm sad or happy, or when I feel nothing in particular. I guess it's an identity thing but also I've always been interested in the idea of nests and personal spaces of all different kinds. I like thinking about how crows collect things to decorate their nests with and how we have so much in common with all different types of birds building and decorating and destroying their nests. Also I just love the word nest. Nice Easy Soft Trespass, or whatever fun acronym you'd like to come up with. Nothing Ever Stays True, maybe.

I often feel this deep sense of being at home when I am outside, especially at night and in the dark in residential/suburban streets with lots of trees along them, or in transition spaces like hospitals or supermarkets (again something about being in these places after dark feels like home). Sometimes I get this feeling like the sky is home, especially when the moon looks big. There is something important about the sky and the light and the air in all of this.

Listen to the Delays song 'Find A Home' in the dark and you might feel home somewhere near.

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