Hair Tree Forever

I've been growing my hair for quite a while now and I keep seeing cute short haircuts that I envy, but I guess my hair has become symbolic for me in some ways. I still want to see how long it can grow, because it's like growing a tree for hundreds of years and seeing the magnitude of its development. I want to see myself reach an extreme, so my hair becomes a symbol of strength and determination. It's a reminder that everything takes time and that things can change a lot. It's also meaningful to me because for a long time I couldn't accept some things about myself, including physical things, so it's like a tribute to that kind of acceptance as well. It has a lot of significance to me. It's like a blanket of progression in that it literally grows and that growth in length is representative of all kinds of other spiritual and emotional growth. So as much as I miss the less tangled world of short hair, I still want to see my hair grow more and more.

I don't know how much hair I can handle, but in my dreams it gets all the way down to my ankles. That would take a rough estimate of eight years from now, though, assuming it's even possible for my hair to grow that long, but I should be able to get to tailbone length in about one year from now, so I guess I'll look forward to that instead.


  1. I debate long or short hair all the time. It's long curly hair right now but there are moments I want to make it short again. Thank you sharing your writing.

    1. If only hair could grow at will! :-)


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