Diary: Sleepy Fog

Lately I've been painting lots and doing Christmas things and, of course, watching more of The Walking Dead. It's been good.

I've been adding some important and necessary stuff to my scrapbook, and I've been painting miscellaneous backgrounds and shapes as much as I can, because they're always useful, and I've been napping a lot. Maybe it's the cold that makes me sleepy.

I guess mindless painting is a thing I like to do when I do feel tired or drained in any way, because it's still easy, it doesn't really require any planning or thought, and it makes me feel satisfied. I can do it really quickly even if I'm already sleepy.

It got really foggy over the weekend and I think fog is some of my favourite weather, because it's just so strange and cool looking. It makes me feel very relaxed and a bit awestruck. I've been wearing every jumper and nestling underneath blankets a lot, and having a lot of naps with all the jumpers and blankets and other warm things.

Even though I feel extra sleepy and extra cold, it feels nice.

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