Diary: Brionne & Juice

My diary has been getting exceptionally colourful recently, and also full of stuff about PokΓ©mon, naturally. What can I say, I love Popplio and I will protect him forever.

I've been drinking a lot of delicious and exciting fruit juice (I'm considering going into a new career as a fruit juice surveyor) and that has truly brightened up my life. I've got a bottle of grape and beetroot juice, and lots of apple juice. Only the best things in life. I love and respect juice, as we all should.

I've been doing a bit of painting, which has been nice, and I've put a little bit of that in my diary. I definitely think it's more fun when I stick a few extra things in, so I want to continue putting a few more paintings and miscellaneous things into my diary. Mind you, there's not much of 2016 left now, so there are only so many diary pages to fill up! Maybe I'll start putting some samples of fruit juice in here, just to share the beauty of their hues. A good idea?

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