Blippo Wishlist ☆ Cute Stationery & Accessories

Many cute things can be found on Blippo, as you might know from previous reviews I've done with them, but this time I thought I'd just pick out a few of my favourite things from their website and bask in all their delightfulness that way. So here are some of the best things on Blippo right now.

1. Peep Out Animal Sticky Notes Set (£1.85)

These are super adorable and you can get them in lots of different animal designs, so you can fill your books and notebooks with a whole menagerie of curious creatures if you so desire.

2. Summer Fruits Stickers (£1.45)

Next up is a sticker set featuring lots of delicious and happy fruits, because who doesn't need smiling fruit stickers in their life? Stick them on all your most critical documents, that's my advice.

3. Animal Friend Mini Backpack (£7.97)

If you need a nice and small backpack to store some kind of priceless gem or heirloom in, I highly recommend this sweet bunny one. Bunnies are known to be very protective of precious items. I know, I met a bunny once and confirmed it, so you can trust me.

4. Pastel Polka Dots Ribbon Hair Band (£3.06)

I've been thinking a lot about cute hair accessories and ribbons lately, and I love this perfectly lovely bow hair band. For only the cutest scalps.

5. Sweets & Snacks Shop Stickers (£1.53)

Another set of stickers to jazz up anything that needs jazzing up, these snacky designs are a great gift to give to anyone you know who is a big food fan. Yes, I am talking about myself here. I usually am.

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