Anime: Pokémon Sun & Moon

I haven't watched a Pokémon anime in approximately a thousand years, but with the release of the Sun and Moon games I also heard some good things about the new anime series, so I thought I'd check it out whilst I was enjoying my new game, and now this is my favourite.

I love the new style a lot. Everyone is more doughy and squishy, so all of the expressions are just more. I also love the more dramatic/poetic imagery of the Team Rocket speech (the best thing ever).

The wacky, cleverly silly, and occasionally spooky spirit of the original Pokémon series seems to have travelled all the way up to this current incarnation, and it's great.

My new mission is to become as soft and lovable as this Rowlet.


  1. :D Oh man, I might have to check this out! I haven't watched Pokemon since dinosaurs roamed either, but the art looks cute. I just asked my husband if he had played Sun or Moon and he looked a little guilty and said, 'yes' HAHA. He said he plays MOON. I may have to steal his DS and play it :B

    / Maria

    1. I fully support your planned thievery ;-)


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