6 Perfect Pieces ♡ Accessorize Jewellery Wishlist

I was looking through the things on the Accessorize website and I found too many beautiful and perfect jewellery items there, so I thought I'd share some of my favourites. They have so many dainty and sweet designs that I love. Please prepare yourselves for the cuteness. Okay, are you ready? Let's look at some necklaces.

1 & 2. Crystal Leaf Open Cuff Bracelet (£8) & Sparkle Lotus Pendant Necklace (£17).

I love the delicate floral/leafy details here, as well as the peachy colours and the simplicity of each piece. I like lots of things with leaf designs since they're often quite calm and plain and nice, and there's something very unique and special about a lotus flower too.

3 & 4. Hummingbird Pendant Necklace (£6) & Diamante Chain Choker Necklace (£12).

Again, I really like how simple and dainty these are. I like tiny little gems and cute birds on necklaces. They're so small and pretty.

5 & 6. 10 x Sparkle Stretch Bracelet Pack (£8) & Dragonfly + Butterfly Brooch Pack (£12).

I find stretch bracelets like this really fun, and I like all the varieties of bead pattern used for these, as well as the soft colours. You can wear all ten at once, and since they're small and cute, it wouldn't seem like too much. Lots of mix 'n' match potential. I like that. The brooches are nice and understated. I tend to wear a brooch on my winter coats because it just adds a little bit of shimmer and sparkle, which is much-needed in the colder months of the year.

A special mention has to go to this Butterfly Print Watch (£18) as well, since it's so lovely. I love the white strap, and the clock face print is perfect for butterfly and insect lovers like me. I just wish more retailers would go for some moth motifs more often too ('moth motif' is pretty fun to say, after all), but hey, I'll take butterflies when I see 'em.

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