Stardew Valley: Cooped Up

It is winter in Stardew Valley and I have just upgraded my house so it now has a nice, big kitchen that I can make a thousand omelettes in.

I have also been doing some very important reading.

I am very happy to be able to stuff my new fridge full of cheese, as well as to have lots more space for decorating my home with strange knick-knacks.

On top of that, I am upgrading my barn so that I can bring a duck or two into the family. I am ready to be the big bird person in the valley.

We had some kind of ice festival, and I have to say I think this cool pear wearing sunglasses is the greatest piece of art I have ever seen. Did Damien Hirst do this?

I'll leave you with the news that it seems like I'm not the first bird lover in this place. Clearly I have found my true home here.

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