Small Things

It's the little things that make a difference, right? An awful day can sometimes be magically transformed when you find a tiny, cuddly dragon in your pocket, or have a good meal, or overhear a child saying something hilarious in the supermarket. It might be my favourite thing, how fickle a mood can be, and how numerous those magical, perfect little things are. And I know, they don't fix everything, but they're there, and they're something to notice, and I think we should talk about them as much as possible.

So for me, it's a small cuddly pineapple toy, which makes me so happy and soothed for reasons unknown to me (I don't even like pineapples all that much, so who knows), it's changing my laptop wallpaper to a cute illustration of Molang surrounded by strawberries (pictured, found here and made by DeviantArt user leyfzalley), and it's pouring myself a drink, watching a double decker bus go by and wondering where its passengers are going, finding a blackberry on a local bush, or wrapping a scarf around my neck to find it's exactly the warmth I need.

The small things, they are good and meaningful.

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