Scanner Adventures: Walking Journals

Hi there. I am currently watching YouTube videos of people flipping through their journals. I am also eating a delicious sandwich. This is the perfect combination which transports me to an extensive dream world where journals and sandwiches fall from the sky (it's best to wear a hard hat in this world).

The thing is, all human beings are actually walking journals. We're collections of memories and images and favourite words (wisp is a good one). So keeping a journal is a sort of external mirroring of yourself, much like these scanner adventures are. It's all a bit like a conversion, or making a salad. A mind salad. Maybe I'm taking the analogies too far again.

It's just that really, there's not much more fascinating than getting to peer at someone's journal, and I always want to make myself the embodiment of a journal in any way possible because of that. I always want to keep the perfect journal on hand to make sure I am really there, inside a book.

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