I've been thinking a lot lately about all of my mannerisms, and my ways of speaking, and my nervous habits. I'm wondering to what extent can a person change their mannerisms? I know it's possible to train yourself out of saying filler words excessively, and I might try to cut down - I don't use them a huge amount, but I could still probably benefit from lessening their frequency.

I've been considering what I like most about myself in terms of those kinds of behavioural things, and I just think it would be a nice and fun thing if I could improve something or make myself appear more sure and confident, or more approachable, or more uplifting.

There's so many things we do that we're barely even aware of. Maybe it's strange and unnecessary to focus on those things, but I guess I'm just really into self-analysis. I can't mould myself into a perfect cookie cutter of an ideal version of myself - I know that and I'm not going to strive for it - but I think it helps me to know myself as well as possible, and I enjoy the challenge of gentle self-modification. I'm always hoping to grow, bit by bit, but sometimes I need to know which direction to guide that growth.


  1. Lil, this totally makes sense, and you're not the only one into self-analysis. I also worry I say 'filler words' too often, and my ADHD makes me do things like smile & nod too often, or appear to be 'humoring' someone when I really am trying to follow along. I appreciate your openness on this subject as it can be an awkward one. Thanks lady xoxo

    1. It's just so weird to know how things you can barely control contribute to how you're perceived. It's a strange thing.


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